Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy Days of Summer

Green beans ready to can.

First picking of green beans from garden 2001 and the flowers my daughter grew.

Morning reading lesson while Mom cans green bean

Round bales of straw all tarpped and safe from the weather.

Well it seems like with the busy days of summer it is flying by all to fast. Since I posted last some things have happened here on the farm so I will update you. We have since done our second cutting of hay and cut our wheat. We have lots of straw tarped and ready for winter use. I picked my first picking of green beans. They are in the canner as I write. Farmers market is going well and keeping me very busy. Been working very hard with the daughter on her reading it just is not easy for her. She is working very hard and beginning to read very well. On a sadder note last week my son lost his beef steer for fair. He does have a back up just not as good. We took it to the vet to have some warts off and he died that night. We really don't know why. So we have a steer to get ready to be fair worthy in only 21 days. Yes we have our work cut out for us but as a family working together we can get it done. It has been very hot here! My dad lives with us and is older therefore he cannot handle the heat so he put 2 air conditioners in for us. Well I have you caught up on what is going on at Hoover Farms so have a great Sunday.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th

Yes I'm still here! Just very busy with markets, soap making, lotion making and baking. Also my family and the daily things around the farm. Stopped by to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. We will be staying home and doing fireworks as a family. If anyone is interested we have Coconut and Lemon Eucyulptus Lotion which is a natural bug repelent at our website. Have a great night from our farm to you!

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