Sunday, February 20, 2011


Thought I would share the pictures of what my daughter did for me. This all started because we had someone come over and look at our soap. Which meant us opening up 19 containers so they could see and smell the soap. This way the candles & soap are out on display so they can see and smell them. I was so thankful for her doing this and she did a great job. As for us and the farm things have been busy. We added five new baby calves the other day and four more bigger ones coming soon. Still have a few more batches of soap to make so I'm ready for market. Still have some candles I nee to get stocked up on. Lots of product labeling to get done before market. Then as you know it will be time for the garden, canning and kids going to fair. My husband has rented more land for farming so this will add to the busyness. I'm so happy for him though because he has wanted to expand but rent prices are high so we could not afford to. This was just one of those things that was a blessing from the Lord. We are all very excited though to add onto our farming. Have a great night from our farm to you. Rebekah


  1. Beautiful! I love your new header photo!

  2. It's all so pretty here! Your daughter did a wonderful job on the display. I went to a flea market today and really when you have a nice display like that it makes an impact.

  3. Your daughter did a great job on your home displays! The soaps look fantastic! I am still enjoying the candles I ordered from you -they smell wonderful and burn really nice - I hope that ice storm doesn't cause too much trouble for you farm folks, take care my friend.

  4. Presentation is very important, your daughter did a great job.At the shows I use wooden crates, they stack nice and look rustic ( and very inexpensive).


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