Thursday, March 10, 2011

Black Licorice Soap

I decided to make some vegan friendly soap for those people who do not want animal products in their soap. This is the first one and I love it. I just unmolded it today it smells great! I even decided to wash with some it suds great and it is so mild I did not even get zapped when I washed with it. This one is black licorice with anise seed. My next one to do is apple with natural apple pie spice swirl.
Have a great night! From our farm to you Rebekah


  1. Your licorice soap looks fabulous! I tried making soap once....a recipe that was 'gentle enough for a baby' and I ended up being allergic to it! I haven't tried again since:)

  2. Me and my daughter are both allergic to most store soaps but the soap I make does not ever bother us. We can even use fragrance oils in our soap and it still does not bother us. If you ever want to try again I would be glad to answer any questions you might have or help in any way I can. Thanks for visiting


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