Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well today is a down day so I thought I would pop in and say hello. Summer is here and yes life has got busy. I started all my markets this week. I have market on Wensd, Thur, Fri, and Sat. I bake on Tuesdays all day so I have Sunday and Monday off. Our week was quite exciting we had a grease fire in the house the hubby received a few burns he is doing fine and the house is fine. I do have a new appreciation for fire. We are trying to get hay done if the rain would just stay away. The son is cutting today so we are keeping our fingers crossed. The hubbys last day of work is tomorrow so then he can help with the hay. We have had a breakthrough with the daughters horse. He decided she can ride him now and lead him around mind you a year after having him. We have 10 meat chickens now and four turkeys hoping they all make it so we can sell them at the market. My soap is selling very good at the market which I'm so happy about. I'm so glad to provide people with natural things to use on their skin. Well guess that is about all for now. If you have not checked out our facebook page for the farm do so we have monthly drawings to win our products. Have a great day from our farm to you!


  1. Happy to hear from you! Happier to know the market is doing well! Happiest, that your hard work on the farm pays off this season.

  2. Oh Rebekah, it is so good to hear you are doing fine. (sorry to hear of that scary grease fire, and your husband getting a few burns!) I think you are baking pies on Tuesdays or do you also make breads, etc? Bizzz-zy!!
    Today I expect I will be planting pumpkin seeds in a farm field at the apple orchard. Last week I learned how to drive a caterpillar with a dump bucket - so fun!
    Take care of yourself and God bless all those paying customers at your markets. :)


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