Saturday, February 11, 2012


Just thought I would share a couple of the blessings the Lord has gave to me lately.
1. A beautiful healthy grandaughter.
2. A nephew who survived a serious auto crash.
The blessings I get everyday a husband who loves and cares for his wife an children, healthy kids who love and respect their Mom, my God who has saved me and is always there for me, a house to live in, food to eat, a good job for my husband, my little nieces preciuos smile I get to see everyday. It just warms my heart! Who can say there is no God when you see such joy and innocence in this little one's smile, markets which I get to do and let others see Christ through me and so many more! My God is an awesome God and takes such good care of me! Remember when things look bad just count the blessings God has given you. Have a great weekend Rebekah


  1. I just smiled when I read your post! God is good!

  2. He Is an Awesome God...Yes! Congratulation on your new Grand baby and I'm so happy to hear your nephew is doing well...What a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing the good news! Wishing you a delightful day! Hugs

  3. O I like this! Jesus is right - love is the greatest!! Take care my friend.

  4. Oh I Love this update!
    I'm happy to hear of your nephew is doing well. And that new Grand baby !!!!!
    Yes, You are blessed!!


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