Sunday, March 18, 2012

Warm Weather!

Hello everyone, Hope you are all having a great weekend! We are having a great weekend here so far! With the time change our nights of coming in the house are getting  later and later. Spring has sprung here. It is so nice to see things starting to green up. Flowers are even coming out. I cannot wait for vegetables fresh from the garden!
 You know warm weather is here because things are getting so busy already. We have our cows for 4-h so we will start working with them soon. We will be doing five farmers markets this summer. We will  take  animals for butcher in a couple weeks. We have sold almost all our meat so time for new before markets start. We are no longer goat owners. We only have the milk cows now.  So from here on out all our new soaps will be made with cows milk. Trying to make our chores a little easier before the market season starts. Have a great day and the Lord bless. Rebekah

Monday, March 5, 2012

Study of Esther

Head on over to time warp wife whe will be doing a three week studay on the book of Esther.
                                                     Have a great day Rebekah!

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