Monday, May 24, 2010


Here is what our newest project was making soy candles. We did some thirft store shopping and found some cute tea cups to do a few in. These are my favorite.
Here is all the rest of them. We had lots of jars around the house to use.

So today we are going to make a few more. They are so easy to do and fun. They also smell great. This is what I'm planning on for Christmas gifts.
It is going to get pretty hot here today. Really humid that is the worst. Avery is mowing our hay for the first time today. Summer is for sure here now the haying season starts. We have had two goat kids since the last time I posted. Also a new bull calf. We still have 5 cows to calve. They are our late calvers. I will get some pictures of the babies around. The goat kids are so cute. They are from my daughters goat and they were so little. Two girls I told her how lucky.
Yesterday a nerby town was having city wide clean out. So me and the kids went after church to pick curbs. We had so much fun and got two loads of metal. We also got some other goodies. I can not believe the things people throw out. We really live in such a wasteful society.
Have a great day! Rebekah


  1. The candles look so nice,I love the idea of making them in tea cups! My son had a trash pick up this weekend with the scouts...they do a mile of farm-market road and get what seems like over a dozen sad! Your farm sounds so fun, always something having babies!

  2. Tea cup candles is an adorable idea! That is a great collection you have there. Do you buy the soy wax at a hobby/craft store??

  3. I order the soywax on line. You can buy it at the craft store. It is cheaper on line but you have to buy 50# at a time. At the craft store you can buy in smaller amounts. Me and a friend did a order together so that made shipping a lot less. Hope this helps.

  4. I am with you on the Candels I pour them in anuthing I can find also. Those Candels look Fantastic you did a wounderful job.


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