Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is so funny Avery had his sisters hat on. When he figured out she was video taping him man it came off fast. Listen closley at the end you will hear him say got me. I think we laughed fovever. Enjoy and have a great day. Rebekah


  1. Very cute!
    Did you know I have an "Avery" too? SHE is 18 years old now!

  2. I think we have only found three boys with that name everyone else is a girl. Glad we finally found some boys with the name. He was begining to think I gave him a girl name. I named a baby calf that and liked it so well that I named him that.

  3. Its nice to hear from you Rebekah!
    Your dad cans peaches? and then shares them with you? - wow - how wonderful! BTW did you get the email I sent you with that soap formula? I'll be in touch, take care :)


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