Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello everyone, Well life has been busy here as I'm sure life is busy with everyone else. I will try to bring you up to speed with what has been going on here. Last week was fair week and boy that was a whirlwind. The kids had such fun did not win much but that does not bother my kids. They feel they get to go have fun with friends and sell their animals. For them that is what it is really about. Avery did place 6th in showmanship out of 23 kids so that was great. I was so proud of him but then he is used to working with cattle so guess he should be a natural. I will post pictures of them at fair soon. Back home and the work starts right back in. I started right back in at market as soon as we were done with fair. The garden was also waiting with a bushel of green beans. Now to get them canned in all my busyness. We are now selling packaged beef and pork raised from our farm. It is so neat to be able to sell our own products. The new chickens have started laying eggs and I'm so excited about that. Hubby just got done with the fourth cutting of hay. Now it is time to chop our corn silage. We are so blessed to be able to raise all our own feed for our animals. Well guess that is about all in a condensed version. If I gave you the full version of all that has been happening here on the farm I might be typing all day. Have a blessed Sunday. Rebekah

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  1. It sounds like you are are blessed with the good kind of busy! I hope we can raise our own feed one day.It is wonderful that your kiddos had a good time at the fair no matter what place they scored,great attitudes make a momma proud!


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