Sunday, July 29, 2012


Thought I would update on what has been happening here on the farm. Where are farm is loacated here in Michigan has been in a severe drought. It seems like when it rains it all goes north or South. We have at least 30 acres of corn that will have no corn and not sure about the rest of the crops yet. We did get a first and second cutting of hay. Third cutting was not good. With no rain doubt we will get anymore cuttings. We harvested our wheat as you know and that was a good harvest. We took 15 cows to town a week ago. We are trying to make sure we are going to have enough feed to get through the winter. Well I think that about covers it just keep praying for rain as we still need it.

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  1. I wish you the best..yes, all farmers are going through such a trying year without much rain..Your homestead is in my prayers..
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