Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A little up date on what has been going on around the farm. Yesterday we had another momma calve. She had it all by herself ya! The only problem now is she would not take the baby. So off to catch the mom so we could put her and the baby together. We tube fed the baby twice to get her going. Today they are together and the baby is sucking. Hopefully we can turn her and the other mom out in the pasture tomorrow. So ready to see cows out there grazing. The other mom and her calf are doing great. We also have six new baby pigs. They are doing great. I went and picked up a baby pig for payment from some friends for using our boar. Got some cows moved around yesterday. It was long overdue. They went through the fench twice before they realized da we have to stay in here. Today we went on our monthly visit to the nursing home. Then took the kids to a hands on museum. So much fun for them. Great place to learn, imagine and play. Well guess that keeps you up to date on the happenings of the farm. Have a good night. Rebekah The proud momma.
Here are the new baby goats. One boy and one girl. The girl stays mom is a real good milker.

Here is our momma who lost her baby. She how good she is with the baby we gave her. I love this cow she is so sweet.

Here is our sweet new baby. Believe me her mom is not sweet. She would kill us if she could. You would not know by her color but momma is all red with black tint.


  1. So many wonderful spring babies! I love them all but the goaties are my favorites!

  2. Some of our mommas are mean too when they just have a baby. I don't want to get between them and baby. lol


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