Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here is what me and my daughter did yesterday. We took some soap I made years ago and remade it. The balls we did are lavender scent rolled in lavender flowers smells so heavenly. The cupcake looking ones are pumpkin spice coffee. It was so fun and easy. I have even done this with the little pieces of soap you have leftover. Just save them till you have quite a few then grate them up. All you have to do for the molded ones is grate a pound of soap put in your pan add enough liquid to help it melt. Do this on high stir always or it will burn if not melting you need more liquid. It is o.k. if you have a few chunks. Once it is melted add scent if you want and put in molds. Put in the freezer for about an hour then pop out of mold. For liquid you can use herbal tea, coffee or just water.For the balls you grate a pond of soap , put in scent if you want then add enough liquid just so it sticks together. Shape into balls pack and roll as tight as you can. Do not add any other ingredient because it tends to make the balls crumble when dry. You can roll them in some pretty flowers crushed up if you like. Let both soaps which ever you do cure for 2 weeks. Go ahead and try so fun an fun to do with the kids. Have a great day. Rebekah

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  1. What a fun project!It looks like you all had a great success remaking your soap!


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