Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello Everyone, Well had a good week so far nothing too exciting just kinda the usual. Went on a road trip with the hubby Tuesday. The son did not want to go so mom got elected. Was nice to spend time together alone. My daughter has had her cousin here staying the week been nice for her to have somebody to keep her company beside me. We also had a bonfire for the first time of the year had to have smores they are the best. Wednesday me and the son took a couple of steers to auction so dad could do some other farm business. Went and picked up a new jersey heifer and got a load of bread for the pigs. Yesterday we went and picked up the beef we had butchered. I feel so lucky to be able to have our own meat. The family is ready for steaks on the grill now. Last night we went to the in-laws house to pick strawberries. That has been great we were able to pick all we needed for the year there. We also went and checked out a farmers market. Wanting to go sell my candles and things we have produced from the farm. After all that the hubby took us out for ice cream. Nice ending to our night. Going to haul an freeze strawberries today. Fold some laundry that is so desperately needing to be done and put away. Saturday we are heading to the beach for my great nephews b-day. Looking so forward to a day of relaxing. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Rebekah


  1. How do you do all you do? I'm tired just reading about your day!
    The berries in your header look amazing! It is berry season here right now, so I am just waiting for some organic "you-pick". Jam and some in the freezer is what I have planned.

  2. It is tiring but I love it. I live to farm, be a wife and mother. We always have farmed and our life was always busy. You just get really good at multi-tasking. My Mom did it her whole life and never complained about it. She was alaways there to help my Dad and us kids. The berries were amazing!

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