Thursday, July 22, 2010


Thought I would show you what has been going on at our house. This is our new addition combine. His name is the clue to how we got him. My husband got ready to do wheat came in and said come out I hear kittens in the combine. So we tore apart what we could but to no avil could not find them. So he went out to run the wheat and he came through the auger droped to the bottom of the bin. as you can see he is fine but three were not. Don't know why the mom chose here. We did not even know we had a mommy cat around. Suprise!

Here is what I have been up to baking for farmers market and I love it!

Getting ready to head out to market in a while. Just wanted to share the pictures been soooo long it seems like since I could put pictures on. Have a great day. Rebekah


  1. AHhh He is cute!!! I am not a pie baker!Lol I am more a cake person. My mom can make excellent pie crust and no matter what I do they all turn out the same tough and hard.. Looks like you are enjoying it though!

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