Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm going to approach a subject that I know can get heated. I do feel it needs to be approached though. Grass fed versus grain fed is all the rage. Well I feel you need to do what suites your needs best. I have not researched it so I really cannot say. I'm writing this from a farmers view point. I'm sick of being attacked for doing things the way we do. A side note my father is 76 ate grain fed meat his whole life and drank milk from holestein cows he is healthy. But as for farmers fighting against each other as to what is best is stupid. We as farmers should be supporting one another. I was watching a farm program with my Dad the other day the host read a piece a grass fed farmer had wrote and it was just slamming farmers who feed grain. As he said the in biting among farmers needs to stop. I totally agree! For us to make a profit and keep going we can not take our land make it all in to pasture. We need to raise rotationally crops on this land that make us a profit and the cattle are locked up. Our cattle pasture some land we cannot plant but not all of them. Even though they are locked up they are very well taken care of. They have a clean place to sleep, plenty to eat and drink. Their health is always our top priority. The reason this really burns my butt is because my husband works daylight to dusk taking care of our farm and animals with not much pay at all. Still has to work a real job to make it. We need to be supportive of one another get along and help each other out regardless if we grass feed or grain feed. I know there is people who will not agree with me that is fine but if you leave a comment be respectful of others because they will be reading it. Thanks have a good day.Rebekah


  1. You are so very right! Government can divide and conquer if we arent careful.
    Not everyone has enough acreage to be completely grass fed. I have seen some very happy animals on Dry lots living on Hay and Grain. There are many good points to Grass fed farming but honestly some of them get a little hateful.
    If I can I will be going to rotational grazing just because it will bemore cost effective for me..
    There are so many ideas out there we ought not knock on just because it suits us better than another does.
    Great Post!

  2. I agree! We raise our small farm as grass fed and don't want anyone telling us we have to do different!I am not going to condemn anyone for their choices of how they want to raise their livestock as long as it is humane!Humanely raise animals, to me, is way more important an issue than grass vs. grain!One of my best friends is vegetarian and we always say she won't try and make me eat tofu and I won't try to get her to eat a turkey sandwich,lol! I feel the same way on this issue also!

  3. I agree! We grass feed our cattle. I think it's because we are lazy and poor. hehehehe. The cattle basic take care of themselves. I don't care if our neighbor doesn't have enough land to grass feed. As long as his cows are taken care of.


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