Friday, January 14, 2011


Below are pictures of my latest soap. As you can see it turned out great. The peppermint did not set up like I wanted so I grated and redid it. It still turned out great. They all smell wonderful. I really feel the orris root helps hold the smell. The second bonus about the orris root is I don't feel you need to use as much scent. Enjoy the pictures and have a great night. From our farm to you Rebekah.

The front soap on the left is cool citrus basil with basil leaves, on the right is peppermint with peppermint candy. In the back on the left is cucumber melon with dill weed, on the right is warm vanilla sugar with raw sugar for scrubbing.


  1. Oh those look wonderful and I bet they smell just as yummy too...great job...would love to learn this someday...
    Have a Blessed day

  2. Congratulations on a great batch of soap! I really need to get busy myself and make a batch or two....Are you making for you family or are you getting ready to sell at a show or festal?

  3. Thanks Tonja and once you learn you will love it.

    Yes Melodie I'm getting ready for farmers market this summer. Since it takes 6 weeks to cure I'm trying to get enough done to last for the summer. The market starts in May and runs till the end of October. Last year I did 6 markets so got to make sure I have enough. We also use it I don't buy any soap. We use it for shampoo, laundry soap, hand soap, face soap and body soap you get the picture. It is a big savings and I love doing it.

  4. I love the flavors or I mean the scents - you are good on deciding which ones. Where do you make your soap in the winter? I was wanting to make soap -just don't want it to smell up the house!

  5. Vickie, If you get your milk or water so cold it is slushy it won't smell as much. I do make mine right in the house and it is never smelly. The ice thing keeps tempratures low so you can make it faster. Hope this helps. For scents I have done alot of research into what other soapmakers have done. Rebekah

  6. I like the way homemade bar soap leaves my house smelling but I don't care for the way my homemade laundry detergent leaves a strong soap odor in the kitchen for several days. Though it does make the basement (laundry area) smell fresh! :)


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