Monday, January 17, 2011


Well wood cutting was the name of the game here on the farm today. Me, the Son and Hubby went to cut today. We were able to cut a truck and trailer load. Lots of wood to help keep us warm. The guys just got done unloading it all and son is off to take care of a raccoon at the neighbors. My daughter is not feeling well today. She seems to be running a low grade fever hope it goes away quick and no one else gets it. We have chores and 4-H meeting so the day is far from done. Wanted to let everyone know I have a new blog it is I will post ideas links and tips there for candle and soap making. I will not post there as often as I do here. I mostly wanted to do it as a reference and information page. Another reason is I don't want to junk our family and farm blog up with that stuff all the time. As I said on the blog please be patient with me as it will take some time to get it all together. Hope you can all check it out. From our farm to you Rebekah

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