Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting ready for fair

Well time is winding down fair will be here before we know it. After today we have exactly 15 days till fair. We have so much to do I'am trying not to get overwhelmed. Seems like that is a little hard to do. I shaved three goats today three more to go. We have to also shave the cows yet. The kids gave their cows baths today and used their new blower. They were so excited to get to use it. I wish we could use it more than one week out of the year for what it cost.

Our Garden is doing good just have not had anything ripe to can yet. My luck it will all get ripe about fair week. Guess I won't be canning then will have to do canning after fair. We had fried zucchini from the garden last night oh so good. We have had lettuce many times so far from the garden. It is so fresh tasting unlike the store.

We had to go out to the pasture today and catch a calf. We had a a cow calf but it was dead when we got it pulled it. So we went to get her a new one from a dairy farm. She never took to it well but he could eat. Well we dehorned and banded him then put them in the pasture. He got maggots in his horn and did not feel good enough to follow her around to eat so we had to bring him up. Now we can treat him and make sure he eats. If I was in charge she would be on a one way trip to the auction on Wednesday. But it is not so she will get a free year of eating without contributing nothing before the next calf.

Matt just cut our second cutting hay and got 25 round bales we were pretty happy with that. We wrapped like I explained in one of my older posts.

Well have a great day all and God bless you.

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