Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello everyone hope you are all doing well. I Woke up as usual at 3:45 started my day around 4:15. Today the hubby and son decided to get up at 4:15 to watch tractor pulling on rfd t.v. Made coffee at 4:30 then headed outside to do the milking and other chores. Got that accomplished then inside to cook breakfast had french toast all made in the pan so it was ready to bake. Unthawed some brats and cooked those also. It was funny I said to my daughter well we are all done with breakfast and she said now on to lunch. After everybody was done with morning chores we got the kids fair calves haltered so they could start working with them. Then dad and the kids were off to the lake for ice fishing. Not much you can do on the farm when it is cold and frozen. I stayed behind to get lunch ready for them it is 3:27 and they still are not home so I guess it is supper. We are having potato soup, chicken and hot cinnamon applesauce with big chunks of apples. This will be nice after being out in this cold weather all day. Getting ready to head out and do chores. Have a great day everybody and God bless. Rebekah


  1. Hey Rebekah! You sure are an early riser! I am usually up by 5:30 or so, and if I'm not up by 7, I feel like I've lost half the day!
    We are having chicken soup and some crusty bread for are good on a cold winters day.
    By the way...I love your new background!

  2. Thanks Cyndi I love snowmen so it was perfect for me.

  3. great blog sounds like you have been on a roll today keep up the good work

  4. Thanks Christy. You are doing great on your blog to.

  5. Wow,that is early! I get up about 5:30 when Hubby is in China,it is the only time that we can talk for awhile. We all love potato soup here,we probably eat it every week in the winter!


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