Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello everybody, I finally have a minute to sit down and write. So what has been going on well cutting wood has been the thing around here. My hubby had the weekend off so Saturday the whole day was cutting wood. Then Sunday was a day off which was nice. We visited a new church, went out to eat and watched movies it was so nice to just rest. Got a hay wagon load of wood cut Monday. I was also able to get my house cleaned, laundry done, bread baked and homemade hot pockets done. Monday night the kids had their first meeting for beef club. The 4-H year has officially started although less intense at times it never ends I guess. Yesterday we went to a customer appreciation dinner at the John Deere dealer. Other than morning and evening chores I did not do much else. I was able to sit and work on some more baby hats. We are now counting down the days till the new baby niece will enter the world. She is suppose to be born at 10:30 next Monday. Oh I'm so excited I cannot wait and it will be even better once I actually get to start watching her.There is just something about a new little life that is always amazing no matter how many are born. I have to unload the wood we cut on Monday and I don't know what else today. The guys are all about hauling manure well it is unthawed. They got alot accomplished yesterday and hoping to get alot more hauled today. Today is the weekly livestock auction and God forbid if they miss that. I think it is just a day for farmers to get together and find out all the latest news. As I say it is the farmers weekly social outing. I don't think people realize it but when you farm there is not alot of social time off the farm. Every minute counts when you are running a farm and if there is a job to be done then you do it or you are playing catch up forever it seems like. We have no hired hands here it is just me, my hubby and the kids. I think it makes us all closer working together on the farm and I would not have it any other way. Enough of my rambling Have a great day everybody. GOD BLESS YOU REBEKAH.


  1. Rebekah - It sure sounds like you all have been keeping busy ... I'll bet the day to just rest felt like a vacation! You homemade hot pockets sound interesting. Would you mind sharing how you make them? - Have a great day!

  2. There is never a dull moment when you live on a farm!
    I feel the same way,there is something so wonderful about a new baby!

  3. Sure Brenda I will get the recipe on in a couple days. You are right Melodie never a dull moment.

  4. love your blog and your kind words on mine *U* What a great life you have! Farmers rule!


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