Sunday, January 10, 2010


Good Sunday to everybody. It has been cold here today and windy which makes it worse. It has been two days full of busyness since the hubby has been back to work. We have got a lot of school work done which is always nice. It is so fun to watch their minds work and see them learn new things. Today my son was learning Roman numerals oh not fun. How to subtract them and add them to get the right number he caught right on of course not Mom. My little girl started identifying nouns today and how to pick out the subject, direct object, indirect object. I remember doing this stuff in school. I'm so glad I get to teach this to my children and not some stranger. How precious these children are God has given me.

I decided to pick my hat looms back up and start working with them. Today I finished one baby hat working on another sure I will have that finished by bed. The looms are so quick and easy I love it.

We are headed to a friends tomorrow to work on snowflakes for the nursing home. Our monthly visit is on Tuesday. It is such a blessing because the people look so forward to us coming. Also I love going and just making their day. I know they are such a blessing to me.

Well guess I better get off the hubby will be home soon. We are having tater tot casserole and a lemon desert for supper .The desert is four layers oh it is so good. I will post the recipe when I get time. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT ALL AND GOD BLESS REBEKAH.


  1. It sounds like you have been busy you do need to relax and knitt I just started the loom knitting last Thursday and I love it. As soon as I can get done with this winter scarf and hat for my Daughter I am will start on the Rectangel one`s and learn how to do those.Enjoy the nursing home I went yesterday and so my grandma and loved it. Have a great day.

  2. I regret not homeschooling my 2 daughters - I want to learn how to knit and you keep reminding me of that! Have a great day Rebekah!


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