Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dad Helping Kids Get Things Done

The kids and Dad getting the roof on the camper tared so we don't get wet at fair if it rains.
Dad Helping Kassandra get her calf shaved. Such a big job for a ten year old good thing for Dad.
Will share more pictures as I have them. Today has been another day of getting ready. I feel like we got alot accomplished today. We have to do our groceries shopping for fair, cut goats hoofs and just wrap up a few loose ends. All in all We are as ready as we are going to get. The kids animals are doing very good. Just trusting in the Lord that everything will go well for fair. If not then we will look at it as a lesson he has for us to learn. Well got to run going with my hubby to get hay for the cows.

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  1. Isn't getting ready for fair a huge job?! Ours is right after yours and the S's and everyday seems to have it's own list of preparations lol!



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