Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Early Morning Writing

Hello all been a few days since I wrote. Not much going on around here. Just keep doing fair things everyday maybe we will get done sometime.

Saturday we went to the park and had a cook out with my family. It was a nice day to just get to sit and do nothing. Well there my mother-in-law twisted her knee and fell. Needless to say we made a trip to the emergency room. Luckily she was o.k. just a sprain. She just has to take it easy and walk on it a little. She went to stay with her sister because we are so busy right now. Her sister and husband are both retired so they can help her more than I could right now. I really thank God for family.

We are anxiously waiting the birth of another calf. This will be our last one for the season. We artifically bred this year that is why we ended up with such late calves.We bought a bull a few months back. So hopefully we will have early calves next year. We have nine cows to have calves next year. The kids should have more of a choice for fair calves for 2011.

So peaceful this morning well I write this morning everybody is still sleeping. I have all my chores done except feeding calves which is no big deal. My son gave me strict orders the other day how I need to get on a schedule before fair gets here. I'am thankful for children if it was not for him I might not of got on one. It is really nice I get chores done early come in have coffee and alone time before everybody gets up.

On the agenda today is fixing a bigger bed in the camper for me and my husband. We usually sleep the week of fair on a twin bed not good. What that means is we don't get much sleep. We have to shave some more goats and the cows. Got to buy groceries yet for the week. Get the camper packed and figure out what weneed to buy for fair yet.The kids also need to go get buyers yet for their animals. Just tie up all the loose ends which Will probally happen the day before. Yikes so much to do so little time.

I just have to remember as Psalms 28:7 says The Lord is my strength and my shield my heart trusts in him and I'am helped My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

I will end with that have a great day everybody and God bless you.

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