Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home From The Fair

Well we made it back home today from the fair this morning. It was fun but tiring week. The kids did well Avery got reserve champion on his market goat, fourth place on his market steer and Kassandra got third place on her dairy starter calf. They both got an A award on their feed records for cows and Avery got a B award on his goat feed records. They also got some blue ribbons for other things. Avery also got held back from his group of kids in showmanship to go to the final round which was good for his first year. I have took alot of pictures and when I get time I will post them. It was a nice week of seeing friends and family although we were so busy we did not have much time to sit and talk with anyone. Never knew how much work cows were now I do alot more than goats. We loved it though and the kids are each taking dairy starter calves an beef steers. We will start working on next year in Dec. so I will get a few months break. Walter was a complete angel. Everybody commented on how good he was and I thought man you did not see this cow at home. All the work and prayers worked. I just praise the Lord he was so good. Well time to head off for night chores. God bless.

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