Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deer Hunting

Good morning all well for those of you who don't know in Michigan today is quite a big deal because it is opening day of shot gun season for deer. So all the guys are gone out hunting today. I usually go also but this year I decided to stay back so I could do chores. My husband loves hunting so I figured with me doing chores he could stay out longer. Had some breakfast before they left but will have bigger breakfast when they get back. One thing I'm going to make is monkey bread always a favorite here.

Yesterday day we went to the pasture to catch calves and bring them away from their moms for weaning. It went pretty good other than we were not able to catch Avery's calf. if you remember my post from last fair year it was ruff for him getting his calf ready. It is looking that way again this year. His is the only one that is still a bull and still with his mom. So we will try again next week to get him. He is ready to start working with him. Kassandra's calf is pretty big and she is pretty little. So mom will be kicking in alot of help with that one to get it ready for fair.

I have been working on a couple afghans for Christmas presents. When I get them completed I will post pictures. We have one neighbour on our road they are a brother and sister who have never been married. Every year we do something for them because they really are like family.I also doing something for the people that live around us .There is nine families I go to. I usually bake but really am at a loss this year what to do I want something simple. If anybody has any ideas please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your ideas. I would love to hear from you. Hope you all have a great Sunday and God bless each one of you Rebekah.


  1. Rebekah,
    How nice of you to stay and do chores so that your husband could stay out longer. I bet he just loved that.
    Afgans for presents sounds so nice -maybe I could borrow that -the neighbor down the street was so kind to help us. It would be nice to do something for them. I'd better get busy!

  2. My steer is the same way. He's horrible! Yesterday we were trying to get him to the wash racks, and he just put his head down and started dragging. It took two big guys to get him to stop. They they tied him up to the skid steer and I heard he started tipping it over! He is a handful for certain. lol

  3. What about a loaf of fresh homemade apple, bananna or whole wheat bread for the surrounding families? We did caramel corn one year, puppy chow another year.
    Candles are really easy to make and fun to give as gifts...maybe that's an option too?!

    Have fun!

    p.s. I really wanted to do a steer for fair this year, but Dad and Momma said that I should just stick with my hogs and goats...if that's what they say, then I'll just obey. Have fun with Avery's steer:):)

  4. Rebekah,
    I thought about this took your idea and didn't give you one! Sorry -how about Gifts in a Jar -like soups,breads, or cookies. The ingredients layered in a jar.

  5. What a good woman you are- staying home so your DH can have some extra hunting time! I'm sure he appreciates it.
    Would love to see some pics of your afgans when they are done... I want to try one sometime, but I'm working up to it as it looks like such a big project.
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  6. Hi Rebekah, I was thinking of you as I made a big batch of cranberry apple butter this weekend. This is my idea of giving a simple gift from the heart of my hearth. Take care!


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