Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well hello everyone sorry it has been so long since posting. Things have been incredibly busy here on the farm. The picture above is a picture of our new bull calf. He was born to a heifer we have. We ended up pulling him took three of us he was so big. He was born on Tuesday. Yesterday was the weekly livestock auction and my hubby wanted me to go along. So my day started with having chickens to the butcher by 8:00 and take a pig for some friends. Mind you the butcher is 45 minutes away so no short drive. Well at the butcher I was able to buy another bore pig who is 6 weeks old and all red. The kids just love him I will get a picture on of him to. Then when I got done there home and off to the auction. Got done with the auction then was off to get the chickens milk replacer and calf feed. Got home from there it was time for chores and milk the new heifer. Got done with chores ate an went to bed I was falling asleep in the chair I was so exhausted. So you see that is how things have been going here. We still don't have our corn harvested it is way to wet. My husband is hoping maybe in a couple weeks it will be dry enough to harvest. Today I'm hoping to have a laid back day who knows. Hope everybody has a great day. Rebekah


  1. Rebekah,
    Oh my goodness I'll never say I'm busy again. You really have a lot to accomplish being a farmer's wife. I love the new bull calf and can't wait to see the new pig. What fun for your kids growing up on a farm

  2. Hokey toot! You are one busy gal! I am pooped just readin' what you do!


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