Friday, November 6, 2009


Here is the picture of our new boar pig I promised. He is about six weeks old. When he is big enough he will be the new daddy pig. I'm hoping to get a color other than just white. Yesterday and today have been quite thankfully. I got to finish up a baby blanket I have been working on. I cleaned the house today always a joy. Also baked two loaves of white bread and two loaves of cinnamon raisin bread. So as you can see it is not always busy if it was I think I would have to find somewhere to hide a couple days a week. Well hope everyone has a great day. God Bless Rebekah.


  1. He is a cute little pig-Glad you finding moments of rest and joy.
    vickie@ cooking with vickie

  2. They're so darn cute when they're little!

  3. He is so cute!! What kind is he?
    Cinnamon raisin bread sounds good!

  4. He is a durrock. Yes he is cute now wait till he gets big not so cute then.

  5. All little pigs are cute but thats the trouble they get big.... I dont like them then unless they come in nice neat little packages!lol


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