Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Farm Pictures

These our some more of my daughters pictures. She just loves taking pictures.
This is our new baby we got today.

Lovely roosters pooping on my hay. These roosters are headed for the soup pot.
Some more roosters. We got a mix of chicks for free and you see what most of them are.

This is our red Holstein-jersey cross steer.

My husband brought me these two handsome boys home from the auction Wednesday.

This is three of my bigger calves that could be weaned but we have alot of extra milk so we do what we call slop feeding .They love it.

Here is Avery and Mayce going to dump the milk to the calves. He is so good with her blesses my heart because I know someday he will make a great daddy.

The calf eating his milk sure you knew this.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I just love those calves, they are so pretty.


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