Friday, October 30, 2009


Rain Rain go away is what I'am saying today. That is all it has done today everything is flooded. So it is pretty much an inside day today. I baked bread today and made apple donuts this morning. You will have to go to vickiescooking blogspot this is where the recipe is for the doughnuts and they are wonderful we rolled ours in cinnamon-sugar. I had to take our boar pig to a friends house yesterday so they could use him. It all went way better than I thought. We are in the process of waiting for a semi to come from Canada with a new wood stove to replace ours that broke. When it rains like this there is not much for the guys to do outside so they are in here. Wow is my hair about to be ripped out by time they find something to do. Just imagine two hardworking farmers that work from sun up to sundowm trapped in the house with nothing to do. You get the picture I m sure. Just got done with lunch had tater tots, green beans and brats we had made out of goat an pig. So on to figuring out supper. Somedays I feel like that is all I do is cook. Oh well I'am lucky to have a family to cook for. I will leave you with something I read from my devotions today. Have a great day and God bless you Rebekah.

When a situation looks hopless-whether it's our finances, a job, a marriage, a child-we can always look to God to bring light out of darkness, hope from despair, and a spark of life from the ashes.


  1. It is most definitely a blessing to be able to cook for our families, isn't it? Some of my favorite times are when I am alone in the kitchen, preparing food for the folks I love.

  2. Rebekah,
    I'm so glad you like my doughnuts -that makes me feel good.
    Oh I love your blog-the music and inspiration is just great. It has been a dreary day today in Michigan didn't they say 70 and sunny. What happened?
    I'm so happy to find another Michigander!

  3. I know what you mean about the men in the house!! I just have one that hasn't worked for a few weeks due to rain... He is running out of things to do!! It looks like its possibly going to be a rain free week starting today! hopefully maybe Please God!! LOL
    Those Brats sound good! Good luck with moving the stove in!


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