Saturday, February 13, 2010

Farm Stuff

Had to put this picture on my daughter loves her dog and as you can see the dog lets her do whatever she wants. Here are our two newest babies both boys of course. Laying next to their mama in their nice warm hut.

Things have been busy around here what is new. Trying to get stuff ready so our taxes can be done that is always a joy. I'm trying this year to keep track of everything month by month so it is not so hard at the end of the year. Yesterday was more worming of cattle and goats here on the farm. We still have two more pens of cows to worm then we are done what a relief. It is always a big job especially for us because we don't have no fancy stuff to hold the cows with while we do it. Just some gates you hope they don't try to climb over or smash through. We got all our little steers dehorned and castrated which is another job that takes a day up but such a relief when it is done. Today is just a down day the kids have their cousin over for the weekend. So a vacation from school this weekend. The kids are busy playing monopoly while I veg on the computer. Tonight the guys are going to a hunting dinner our new church puts on every year. Us girls are meeting the lady's at our local cici's pizza for supper.


  1. Rebekah - Sounds like a busy time on the farm and a great day to relax! The babies are really cute. What kind are they? I love their ears. Your dog must really love your daughter! HeeHee! I'll bet they have fun together. Have a great day!

  2. Hey Rebekah!
    1st off, I LOVE the song playing on your playlist..."Amazing Grace" by Chris Tomlin.
    And the photos of the animals are too sweet! The dog is especially cute with his "outfit" on! How fun for your daughter, to have the love of a pet!

  3. Brenda the babies mom is a sannen and the dad is a alpine. Thanks Farmgirl I love that song too. He did such a great job with it. So glad you like it hopefully it is a blessing to others as well.

  4. Farm updates are one of my favorite kind blog posts to read:)

    We have to casturate our bull calf today...thankfully he is naturally polled! That elminates the awful dehorning!!

    Glad that you got most of your deworming done...I agree, it's not a fun job.

    Have a blessed Saturday and enjoy the relaxation - busy people need days like that!!


  5. Every kiddo needs a dog like that! how cute!


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