Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello everyone, I'm writing to you from a very cold Michigan tonight. Well this week has been busy but what is new. We cut wood this week, fished, ran errands and the everyday daily chores on the farm. We have been waiting on a goat for about a week to have babies and no she still has not kidded. We are going to a customer appreciation dinner tonight for a place where my husband buys spray for our crops. No cooking supper for me tonight that is always a bonus. This time of year is always full of farm things like this. I guess they figure it is cold and the farmers can do nothing else so they can get them to come to their stuff. I don't always go but there is certain ones the hubby likes me to go with him to. Same thing always though a bunch of farmers talking about farming. Well hope everybody has a great night and keep warm.

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  1. A dinner out is always a good thing ... even if it is with a bunch of farmers! :D

    I hope you all had fun!


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