Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Update

Well thought I would post since it has been a while. Nothing to exciting to post last week was a busy week with my Husband and Son's birthdays. We went to old country buffet for lunch on Wednesday to celebrate their birthdays. Then on Thursday we went to our weekly Bible study at our friends house. There we had cake and ice cream to celebrate. Friday I came down with the flu and was in bed puking no fun. I felt better yesterday and today pretty good except for the stomach is kinda yucky. All I know is I can get outside to do my own chores which is a relief. If you live on a farm you know what I'm talking about. If you don't I will explain it in short nobody knows how to do you chores the way you do. My son has been working with the fair calves very diligently. Tying them morning and night. Walking them morning and night. I'm so glad he found something he really likes to be part of. But then it includes cows and farming so of course he likes it. My oldest son came and stayed Friday night. Then Saturday we had company for the day. Today we are just laying low doing school and resting. The son said his stomach was not feeling to well today. Don't want to spread anything around so staying home from church today. Well have a good Sunday and God bless you all. Rebekah


  1. At least YOU are up and around, cause when mama's not happy, nobody's happy!
    I LOVE your new header and spring-y!

  2. I am glad you are better! We stay home from church when we may be sick too,I just couldn't stand being the reason someone got sick,especially one of our little old folks.Something mild to us could be deadly to them.Hope everyone else at your house stays well!

  3. Rebekah - I'm glad you're feeling better. I do understand what you mean about no one else doing the chores quite like you do! I'm sure it felt good to get back out there making sure all the critters were taken care of the way you do it! - Have a blessed week!


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