Monday, December 28, 2009


I got them to all laugh here the next picture down is the more serious one. Wesley would not smile so I had to make them laugh to get a smiling photo . Then Anthony closed his eyes owell so much for the perfect photo.
Here they are trying to take the perfect picture our four children from left to right Wesley 17, Avery13, Anthony 20 and in the front my little princess Kassandra 10. They were all here under one roof for the day today. Seemed nice to have them all home again. It is a rare event anymore to have them all home at once. As you can see from the picture my Avery is going to be very tall since he is only 13 and as tall almost as his brother who is 20.


  1. Handsome boys and a beautiful girl! It is next to impossible to get a picture with that many children perfect!My almost 13 yr old is super tall like that too,he has passed me!

  2. You have a good looking family! I'm sure it was good to have them all together.


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