Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well good morning, today we head off to my in-laws for Christmas. My hubby is working only half a day today so we can attend. My son comes from Tennessee tomorrow to visit for Christmas. Then I think all the Christmas celebrating should be winding down. Me and the kids are soooo ready to get the Christmas decorations down. It is so funny how all year long we shop plan and prepare for Christmas then in just one day it is gone.

The kids have been riding the new pony and are so enjoying it. Now my son wants a horse of his own. So I think on the 1st we are going down to Shipshewana to the horse auction. We also need to get my daughter a saddle for hers. A friend is letting us borrow one for now.

Yesterday My husbands aunt and uncle came to visit yesterday for his moms birthday. My Amish friendship bread starter was ready to bake. I decided to put fruitcake fruit and nuts in it to see how it would taste. I love fruitcake and have tried a few recipes and they were not good. Now the stuff I made yesterday from the Amish friendship bread was great. Taste like real fruitcake just needed a little more fruit.

On Christmas eve my brother taught my kids how to play rummy. So they have been all about playing rummy. They have even got my Dad to play which is good because all he does is sit in his chair and watch t.v.



  1. My tree and decorations will come down tomorrow if all goes as planned. I have lots to do in the next 12 days to prepare for knee surgery so the sooner things get back to normal around here, the better! It's nice when your festivities get stretched out over a few days, but it also means there is not much time to rest!! And I'm all about resting right now!

  2. I understand my husbands Aunt has knee sugery on the 25th. Hope all goes well with your sugery. I will keep you in my prayers. Rebekah.

  3. I am the same way about getting decorations down! We love Rummy,me and my son have spent a million hours over the years playing it!

  4. I'm glad the kids are enjoying the pony! They are addictive and you can never have just one! Riding my pony are some of my fondest childhood memories.


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