Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Afhgan Pictures

Here is the picture of the afhgans I made for the neighbours. The first one is for the man of course. I made his a striped one. The next one is for the lady and hers is striped also. Her stripes are the same throughout. The reason his is two pictures is because it is different stripe colors throughout his. Well hope everybody has a great day and God bless you Rebekah.


  1. I love your new look! Your afaghans are beautiful -oh you have been working so hard!

  2. Very nice Rebekah! They both look so warm and cozy!

  3. Ooooh...beautiful afghans. I love your choice of guy colours- a great idea. I've been looking for some inspiration in that area. DH is in a need of a cozy blanky.
    Somehow, I haven't been able to do an afghan yet. It seems like such a big job, and unfortunately I'm impatient. You did a beautiful job!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress


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