Thursday, December 17, 2009


My hair before and it was a little longer than this.

My hair after so short. Well here is the story one day before Thanksgiving I decided to get my hair cut. The lady who usually does my hair was booked so I decided to go to the local beauty school bad move. By time I got done I had no hair and it was butchered bad. So I go home my husband about fainted when I walked in because he did not know. There was all these scraggly long hairs I thought I could cut a couple it would help no. It was way worse than that I went to beauty school and no what a good haircut should look like I did not have one. So my sister-in-law
came to get my niece and I had her call her sister who does hair. Off to her house I go to get it fixed.No fix without re-cutting it so then as you guessed it got shorter. I also ended up paying for two haircuts instead of one. Was not a good day and that is probally what I get for not asking my husband if I could go get it cut. Needless to say I will never go to the beauty school with my hair again. They can practice on somebody else. Now you know the story behind the hair that was not meant to be. Have a great day Rebekah.


  1. Rebekah,
    I bet you cried- I would have! But you know the last person did a wonderful job and you look beautiful! If it's anything like mine it will grow so quick!

  2. I hope it grows quick and yes everybody tells me they really like it. Thank you Rebekah.

  3. I REALLY like it! Course, I didn't get the privilege of seeing what the school did, but I thing the final results are very flattering!

  4. Oo I have never had the nerve to go let some one practice on my hair. I dont cut it but I have gotten perms before and have had some serious flubs(think longhaired poodle!lol)I finally decided i would just leave it alone and it does its own thing most of the time.. Okay so that makes me sound like a stringy dred locked crazy woman... I do not have dredlocks!Lol Its not super thick either so it can be handled easily with out being to heavy. I usually have it in a little flip thingy I do with a hair band or braid for everyday. Funny thing is when I was younger my hair was very fine and light colored and as I get older its thicked But quickly going white. One morning I will wake up to completely white hair I know! All well! White hair is pretty!

  5. Becky, I think it looks really good on you. I whacked my hair off this year, and it is actually easier to take care of. You may find that you like it better. I was going to grow mine back out, but I'm not so sure anymore. LOL. I really like your hair, it looks good! :)


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